A Field Day for Adults

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Each year, we spend countless hours with our co-workers during our time at work. Why not take some time to have a little fun with them and get to know them a little better?! Team-building events are becoming more and more popular as many companies are looking for ways to build camaraderie between their employees. Field days are not just for kids anymore! Take last year’s AppNexus Field Day at Liberty House, for example (pictured). It was a beautiful day to get out of the office and all of the employees got TOTALLY into character… they painted their faces, wore team t-shirts and even wore masks! The AppNexus Field Day was definitely a success and was a great way to get employees engaged while allowing them to have a great time.

Looking for something a little more low-key foryour company? Summer BBQs can a ton of fun too! Inviting employees’ families can make these events really great, especially with some planned games and activities. Everyone always has a fantastic time. Consider doing something fun with your team this summer and plan your next corporate event! Each of our venues offer great spaces for team-building and networking events.

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