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So what’s the deal with hydroponic farming? Many chefs and restaurants around the country are looking for new ways to deliver the freshest ingredients to use in their dishes. While many of them use traditional farming methods, our restaurants at Landmark are planning to build hydroponic gardens to incorporate fresh produce into our menus!

There are tons of benefits that can be realized by using hydroponics versus traditional farming. A major one is that hydroponic farming can be done without using soil, allowing restaurateurs to grow their own crops even if they do not have the proper land it would normally take to plant a garden. Also, hydroponically grown plants require much less water than traditional ones. Perhaps one of the best reasons why hydroponic farming is becoming so popular is because it eliminates the need to use pesticides or herbicides because the crops are grown in an environmentally controlled greenhouse. It doesn’t get much more organic than that!

Stay tuned to hear more about how we are working to bring the freshest ingredients to our restaurants for all of our guests to enjoy!

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