Tips For Having an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Who could resist saying “I do” outside with tons of sunlight and natural outdoor gardens? However, while outdoor weddings are beautiful, they can also be trouble because of uncooperative weather, pesky insects, or other things that can make your day a little less than perfect! Read on for some tips from our memorymakers to ensure that your outdoor wedding ceremony runs smoothly.

Weatherproofing Your Outdoor Wedding
One of the most important mishaps that you need to plan for on your wedding day is making sure you “weatherproof” your ceremony. While you can’t control Mother Nature, you still need to have a backup plan to ensure that your big day isn’t ruined by the weather. Rain is a huge concern when it comes to brides planning their special day. Make sure to rent tents or have access to an indoor venue just in case the clouds decide to open up for your ceremony! If you’re getting married in the summer, consider handing out handmade fans to your guests or maybe having a lemonade bar so that guests can cool off.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay
Nobody likes hearing bugs swarming around on a hot day! Guests won’t be able to fully enjoy your wedding ceremony if they’re being bothered by bugs. Having bug spray on hand can be helpful to keep pesky insects away. Also, you may want to go a little light on the flowers in your ceremony décor, as they could attract more pests.

Planning Ahead
Having your ceremony on a beach, in a botanical garden, or in a state park can be beautiful, but many couples often forget that these spots are often public property and are surprised to find random people watching their ceremony! Find out the logistics of the site before making your commitment to be sure. If you do decide to wed in a public spot, ask your event specialist how to make your event more private so that your ceremony will feel like a more intimate experience.

While there are tons of things to plan for when it comes to outdoor ceremonies, they can be a completely unique and memorable experience for the couple and their guests. Ask your event stylist at Liberty House, Stone House, The Ryland Inn or Celebrate at Snug Harbor for more suggestions on how to make your ceremony perfect!


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