Landmark Developers: Ground Breaking Ceremony in Plainfield

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What a special day for the city of Plainfield, NJ! Last week, our team at Landmark Developers had the honor of participating in the official Groundbreaking Ceremony of the construction of the new Art Lofts Downtown. The new five story building is getting a ton of hype, as it will be the first new market-rate residential building the neighborhood will have seen in decades.

The Queen City has come a long way from previous years. Landmark Developers President Frank Cretella noted that it was virtually impossible to get a construction loan two years ago. This makes the building of the new Art Lofts so incredible, as they will boast 20 beautiful new apartments and retail space below. An open patio and outdoor dining area adjacent to the building also show promise for this ambitious project to revitalize the Downtown area. The Art Lofts will be conveniently located across the street from the main train station.

Landmark Developers is working on multiple projects as well in Plainfield, including renovating key properties such as the Courier News Building, the Espinoza Building, and other buildings in the area. All are excited to see what the future brings for the city!

Check out to read all about the happenings and events in Downtown Plainfield!

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