Baking Brick Oven Pizza

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Everyone loves a good slice of pizza, but what is it that really separates one pie from another? Restaurateurs around the country have often wondered over the years how they could make their pizza incredible so that customers always come back for more. At Stone House at Stirling Ridge, we have discovered the answer to that age-old question! They key to serving the best pizza is firing it up in a old-style brick-oven.

While other restaurants continue to bake their pizzas in traditional ovens, Executive Chef Jerry Villa notes that using a brick oven allows the pizza to acquire a light, smoky flavor and adds a little extra fluffiness to the crust while keeping each topping crispy. Also, because brick ovens bake pizza more quickly than traditional ovens, the pizza is never soggy and tastes super fresh!

Using brick ovens for baking pizza is actually not a new concept. In fact, early brick ovens used for making pizza actually been around for about 3,000 years! While the designs have changed throughout time to reflect the needs of people in Europe and later in the United States, brick ovens have evolved and are now embraced for being the best way to bake pizza that everyone enjoys!

Guests love our new brick oven pizza at Stone House and enjoy the many different varieties, such as traditional Margherita with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Another favorite is the Short Rib pizza, topped with sweet peppers and locally-sourced gorgonzola cheese. Delicious!

Be sure to come by Stone House and enjoy freshly made brick oven pizza on our outdoor patio this summer!

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