Pigging Out in the Summer

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Who says you can’t “pig out” in the summer? Forget the ho-hum barbecue with cheeseburgers and hot dogs! Recently, restaurant-goers around the country have been enjoying themselves outdoors with Whole Suckling Pigs.

Suckling pigs have been around for centuries and have been enjoyed among many cultures around the world. In the United States, the pigs are often cooked over a firepit or slow-roasted in an oven.¬†Roasting the pig brings out its sweet yet savory flavor. The meat is also super moist, making it a delicious treat that everyone enjoys! At Stone House, we are featuring our Swine Soiree throughout the rest of the summer, where guests can pre-order their pig to enjoy with friends or family in the restaurant or on our outdoor patio. Executive Chef Jerry Villa will be cooking up each suckling pig in a specialty rotisserie that uses high temperatures to cook the meat so that it’s super moist. The rotisserie also helps to add a special smoky flavor to the pig.

You can also join us for our First Annual Pig Out on August 14th at 7pm! Our Chef will be serving a fresh whole suckling pig with a special selection of seasonal side dishes. Please call 908.754.1222 for more information and to make your reservations!

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