Throwing the Best Birthday Party

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They only come around once a year, so birthdays are the perfect excuse to celebrate with friends and family. You might be wondering how to throw the best birthday party for a loved one, but not to worry: our memorymakers are here to help! Read on for some great tips on planning a birthday celebration that guests will be talking about for years!

Focus on Food
Although food is not usually something guests will remember in great detail years down the line, it can surely make or break an event. Participating in a tasting or having dinner at a restaurant, for example, prior to booking an event is a great way to ensure the venue you’re choosing meets your standards. You can also mix up the food options a bit to make them more interesting. Try serving a special cultural dish or a delicious signature cocktail for a unique touch!

Tie in Some Personality
The best birthday party is one that not only is well planned, but also incorporates some elements of the guest of honor’s personality. One way to do this is in the decor. Color coordinating the decorations such as the lighting and table setup can go a long way! You can also opt to get a DJ that will play up the type of music that the guest of honor will love!

Scheduling Surprises
Surprise parties can be especially tricky to plan. First, you should think about the type of person you’re throwing a party for. Is this person very shy or very outgoing? Depending on the answer, you should determine the guest size. If you’re looking to throw the surprisee off about their birthday party, you should make a mock date for a birthday outing to throw them off!

While planning the perfect birthday party may seem like a difficult task, being organized and doing your research can help you plan an event that is nothing short of spectacular! For more great tips and tricks to coordinating the best birthday party, feel free to reach out to an event stylist at Liberty House, Stone House, The Ryland Inn and Celebrate at Snug Harbor.


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