Crazy for Craft Beer

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It’s a trend that’s here to stay! Craft breweries have been popping up across the nation in the past decade and only continue to grow. Offering darker beers compared to traditional beer companies, craft beer makers have won over Americans for their unique flavors of beer. Today there are more than 2,700 breweries across the nation with hundreds more opening each year. By starting small and focusing on winning over taps in popular bars and restaurants, craft breweries have achieved tremendous success and are enjoyed by thousands of people each year.

Another way craft beers have become popular is by the onset of craft beer fairs and festivals. These events draw in a huge crowd and create a following for breweries looking to establish some brand loyalty. These fairs and festivals are a blast, especially in the summer and early fall months. Loyal craft beer followers also have sprung to social media to get the word out about their favorite varieties of beer that they’ve tried.

At Landmark Hospitality, we love finding the latest and greatest craft beers to complement our Chef’s special dishes. Our recent Craft Beer Dinners at Stone House at Stirling Ridge have been a major hit with our guests! Check out the video below to see highlights of our last Craft Beer Dinner featuring the delicious Founder’s craft beer!

Be sure to stay tuned for more awesome Craft Beer Dinners at Liberty House, Stone House and the Ryland this season!


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