Eggs Done Differently

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Who said all eggs are created equal? Many people aren’t aware that eggs come in tons of shapes, sizes, and even colors! Read on to see how our chefs at Liberty House, Stone House, and The Ryland Inn are whipping up their breakfast specialties using farm fresh eggs and how you can enjoy them healthily!

Chef Ken at Liberty House loves to serve up an old favorite: Fresh Eggs Benedict topped with Hollandaise and a side of home fries and fresh fruit. This classic brunch dish has quite a history and has been an American staple since around the mid 1800s! But using fresh, locally-sourced eggs straight from the farm really makes the big difference in Chef Ken’s dish. One bite and you might not feel the same way about Eggs Benedict served elsewhere!

What if you’re a bit more into breakfast sandwiches to fill you up in the morning? If you’re tired of trying to choose between having a Taylor ham, egg & cheese sandwich or one with bacon, egg and cheese, Chef Jerry’s dish at Stone House at Stirling Ridge might make up your mind! Guests line up for his Fried Egg Sandwich served with applewood smoked bacon and dairy fresh cheddar cheese. It is definitely a sandwich that will make you want to get out of bed on a lazy Sunday!

Still looking for something different to mix up your morning brunch? Chef Craig at the Ryland has created a dish so special you might crave it every Sunday! Using eggs from local farms in the area, he serves up his Smoked Duck Sausage with duck confit and potato hash, shishito peppers and a fried egg. The peppers give the dish a nice pop of color and flavor, balancing out the taste of the hash. Delish!

Trying to watch your weight or keep your cholesterol levels down to a minimum? Our chefs recommend that you order or cook your eggs using only the egg whites whenever possible. Egg whites are packed with protein and are also low in calories. While many guests love the egg yolk, you can still enjoy any of our brunch specials with egg whites so that you can enjoy breakfast without feeling guilty!

Feeling hungry, yet? Stop by Liberty House, Stone House and the Ryland on Sunday for our delicious brunch menus and choose a favorite for yourself!

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