Celebrating Oktoberfest

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Tons of delicious food, kegs of German beers… who doesn’t love celebrating Oktoberfest when the fall season rolls around?! But do you know exactly how this special event came about way back when? Read on to learn the history of Oktoberfest from Munich to America and see how we’re celebrating at Stone House at Stirling Ridge!

Believe it or not, Oktoberfest is actually typically held in September. When the celebration first began in Munich, Germany, the event was held the sixteen days up to and including the very first Sunday in October. More recently, it became seventeen days long so that it would never fall on the German Reunification Day (October 3rd). Those who attend authentic Oktoberfest events enjoy various types of German foods, such as roast pork, sausage, hot pretzels, pierogies and potato pancakes. Also enjoyed are varieties of traditional German beers that have a minimum of 6% alcohol by volume. Patrons love to enjoy plates full of delicious German delicacies with flavorful dark beers!

All of this began way back in the early 1800s when King Ludwig the First (then a prince) married the princess of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12th, 1810. In the fields in front of the royal gates, all of the citizens of Munich gathered to celebrate, and the festival ended with horse races that everyone in Bavaria attended. The decision was made to hold the horse races the following year marked the start of first Oktoberfest.

At Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Executive Chef Jerry Villa looks to honor the Oktoberfest tradition with a few twists of his own! On Saturday, October 4th from 12-3, the team at Stone House will host Oktoberfest on the outside patio (weather permitting) and will serve fresh, hot pretzels, potato dumplings, bratwurst, and more! ┬áPlease call the restaurant at 908.754.1222 for more information and to reserve your spot for this year’s Oktoberfest at Stone House!

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