Discovering Ancient Ales with Dogfish Head Brewery

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You may have heard of a pale ale, an old ale or a Belgium ale, but not all beer enthusiasts can answer what exactly an Ancient Ale is. Luckily, our mixologists at The Ryland Inn have the answer! Read on to learn all about Ancient Ales from the acclaimed Dogfish Head Brewery!

According to the team at Dogfish Head, traditional beers were made much differently from modern beers. In fact, this was all due to a German purity law back in the early 1500s that only allowed beer to be made with water, hops and barley. Boring! Instead of going along with tradition, the brewers at Dogfish Head decided to go against the grain in the mid 1990s and experiment with beers with unique, sometimes exotic flavors. Some favorites are the Midas Touch, which is actually based on molecular evidence that was found in a Turkish tomb – and rumor has it that the tomb may have belonged to none other than King Midas himself! Another popular variety is the Kvasir, which was created from evidence found in a Danish drinking vessel from over 3000 years ago and is a unique blend of wheat, lingonberries, honey and birch syrup. Working with Dr. Pat McGovern allowed the team at Dogfish Head to reinvent these ancient ales and serve them to beer lovers across the globe today.

Click here to learn more about Dogfish Head’s Ancient Ales!

Come out and enjoy Dogfish Head Brewery‘s Ancient Ales with us at our very first craft beer dinner ¬†at 6pm on October 8th at The Ryland Inn! Chef Craig has created a special five course menu that pairs beautifully with the selected ales. Give the restaurant a call at 908.534.4011 to for more information and to reserve your spot to the Ancient Ales Craft Beer Dinner!

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