Farm Fresh for Fall

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It’s that time of year already! This past Tuesday, September 23rd officially marked the first day of the fall season. While some of us may already be missing the warm summer days and vacation time, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited for autumn. At each of our Landmark restaurants, our Chefs have been hard at work coming up with dishes that reflect the comfort and tastes of fall. Read on and see some of our favorite fall foods and how our chefs are preparing them on their menus!

If you’re ever looking for a super easy vegetable to grow during the fall months, beets are a great one to try. They respond especially well to the cooling conditions of the late summer months into the fall season. And while beets have been accused of being high in carbohydrates, they are still chock full of health benefits. Not only do they help lower blood sugar substantially due to its naturally high levels of nitrates, they are also rich in valuable nutrients and fiber such as vitamin C and the B vitamin folate. At Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Executive Chef Jerry Villa is serving up his Roasted Beet Salad with fennel, juicy blood oranges and micro greens with a shallot vinagrette. What a delicious way to celebrate fall and eat healthily!

But Chef Villa isn’t the only one mixing up farm fresh beets! At Liberty House, Executive Chef Ken Trickilo is also serving this fall favorite in a popular dinner entrée, Fennel Dusted Sea Scallops. These delicious scallops are served up with red and gold beets and fingerling potatoes, wilted sorrel, fennel, and Brix 8 Red Verjus. Such a great take on this traditional seafood dish!

Swiss Chard
Often used in Mediterranean cooking, Swiss Chard is notoriously one of the healthiest vegetables around and has been around for centuries. Its stem is usually red in color with fresh green leaves. Chefs around the country love using Swiss Chard in their dishes, as its bitterness fades with cooking, leaving it with a refined flavor that is more delicate than cooked spinach. At The Ryland Inn, Executive Chef Craig Polignano serves farm fresh Swiss Chard into his Hudson Duck entrée with beans and a sweet and savory plum sauce. Delish!

One of our favorites for the fall, fresh figs have a unique taste and texture that many people love this time of year. They are known to be super sweet and are used in a variety of  autumn dishes. Many people also love the health benefits associated with figs, as they help to lower high blood sugar and are a great source of fiber. At the Ryland, Chef Craig has incorporated seasonal figs into his Berkshire Pork Dinner entrée with local rye berries and black trumpet mushrooms. The sweetness of the figs add an excellent balance to the pork, making for a hearty fall dish that guests rave about!

We are so excited to celebrate the fall season with all of our guests at Liberty House, Stone House and The Ryland Inn! Stop by each of our restaurants this fall and decide for yourself which of our seasonal offerings is your favorite!

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