Ryland Inn Ancient Ales Dinner Recap

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What a way to celebrate all the flavors of beer! On Wednesday, October 8th, the crew at The Ryland Inn switched things up a bit and hosted their first ever craft beer dinner. But this wasn’t just any ordinary beer dinner. This full-out feast celebrated the famous Dogfish Head Brewery‘s Ancient Ales Craft Beer, a special line of exotic, extravagant blends inspired by the long lost traditions of ancient brewers the world over.

Executive Chef Craig of the Ryland was put to the test to create five unique courses to pair with each beer tasting, selected by the brewers at Dogfish Head themselves. What he came up with was a delicious culinary trip for everyone!

After munching on some passed hors d’oeuvres, guests started off their meals with Chef Craig’s Smoked Organic Ocean Trout served with farm fresh roasted beets, dill, caraway cracker and frisee. This awesome first course was served up with Dogfish Head’s Kvasir, a beer with a toasty winder wheat and notes of honey and birch syrup.

Next up was the Roasted Spanish Mackerel, which had an exotic blend of papaya salad, Thai basil, coconut and green curry. This creative dish paired perfectly with the Midas Touch, a dry, sweet beer with honey, white muscat grapes and saffron. Delish!

The third course was a really treat for those who love duck! Served with Sah’tea, a 9th century Finnish blend that includes rye, juniper and black chai tea, Chef smoked local duck and added fresh rye berries and swiss chard on the side. Topped with cauliflower cream, this dish was a hit, no doubt!

Chef’s Braised Beef Shortrib was an excellent choice to pair with the fourth beer, Dogfish Head’s Birra Etrusca. The hazelnut porridge and pomegranate in the dish brought out similar flavors in this unique beer, which is a complex ale that packs a lot of flavor.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Peanut Butter Mousse. And oh, was it worth the wait! This scrumptious dessert contained rich milk chocolate, medjool dates and tamarind and was served with Dogfish Head’s Theobroma.

Thanks to all who made it out for this special event at the Ryland Inn! Stay tuned for more beer dinners with us in the coming months!

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