Celebrating Hudson Restaurant Week at Liberty House

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Hudson Restaurant Week is back, bringing you all of your favorite dishes from some of the top restaurants and eateries in Hudson County. At Liberty House, we’re excited to serve up both special lunch and dinner menus, crafted by our own Chef Kenny himself!

This year, we’re serving up a two-course lunch, with guests’ choice of an entrée and either an appetizer or dessert. For dinner, guests can choose from a few select options to make for a three-course dinner, complete with an appetizer, entrée and dessert. Our favorite appetizers include Chef Kenny’s famous Crispy Calamari, served with sweet chili sauce and a creamy olive remoulade. For the entrée, guests rave about Chef’s Pappardelle with Pork Bolognese, a dish served with ragout of mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, Grana Padana cheese, spinach, bell peppers, brandy and fresh cream. So delicious! For dessert, guests will enjoy the Cranberry-Apple Crustada, which is a real treat during the cool winter months.

Hudson Restaurant Week was started 11 years ago and continues to be a much anticipated celebration of the many fabulous restaurants that Hudson County has to offer. This year is the largest one ever, with over forty restaurants participating in the two-week long promotion.

Be sure to share your experience with us on Twitter and on Instagram and use the hashtag #HudsonRW when posting photos of our dishes!

To view the lunch menu, click here.

To view the dinner menu, click here.

Make sure to call the hostess desk at Liberty House to book your reservations for Hudson Restaurant Week at 201.395.0300.

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  1. Vishal

    WOW!!! This is bringing back meremios and bringing the last 2yrs around in full circle for us. We cannot wait for the SICK SICK SICK images that are coming our way in 15 days!Love you bothXo

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