Stone House Takes Gustiamo to Experience Authentic Olive Oil

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Stone House Chef Jerry Villa and Heather wanted to reveal the truth: is the olive oil that you buy each week in the supermarket authentic, or is it cut with “the cheap stuff?” Apparently, according to a recent study, more than 70% of the olive oils that you probably purchase contain other ingredients other than pure olive oil. The result? You may not realize it at first, but all your hard work in the kitchen could be diminished simply because you are using olive oil that is, as we put it, less than perfect.

Last week, Chef Jerry and Heather of Stone House journeyed to Gustiamo, a premier selector and importer of fine artisanal foods from Italy to test the difference. They learned all about their other foods as well such as pastas, condiments, chocolates, coffees, and more, all imported straight from Italy. They even participated in a taste test and saw for themselves the difference between regular olive oil that you might buy at the local grocery store and the type that is freshly imported from Italy!

Check out the video below to watch their trip to Gustiamo in the Bronx!


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