Week 3 of Mac n’ Cheese March Madness at Landmark Hospitality

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We’re already about halfway through Mac n’ Cheese March Madness at Liberty House and Stone House and we’re wondering where the time has gone! Each day has brought its own delectable version of delicious mac n’ cheeses at each restaurant and we can’t get enough of all of them! Next week, Chef Kenny and Chef Jerry have some awesome new dishes lined up for guests to try.

Our team at Landmark Hospitality had the opportunity to try a couple of these new varieties, like the mac n’ cheese pictured above. It’s a savory combination of Sweet Italian Sausage, Peppers and Onions smothered in TONS of delicious, creamy melted cheese! This delectable dish will be served up on Friday, the 20th at both Stone House and Liberty House.

Another popular favorite year over year that we’re looking forward to is the Maytag Bleu Cheese variety made with smoked bacon and fresh wild mushrooms (pictured below). You can find this dish at Stone House on Sunday, the 15th and at Liberty House on Tuesday the 17th!


You can be sure to find a mac n’ cheese that speaks to you this week at both restaurants! Click here to view the Liberty House schedule, and click here to view the Stone House schedule.

To make a reservation for dinner at Liberty House, please call the restaurant at 201.395.0300. For Stone House, please call 908.754.12222.

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