Landmark Hospitality is owned and operated by veteran restaurateurs Frank and Jeanne Cretella. With over 25 years of “Perfecting the Art of Hospitality,” the Cretellas enjoy a reputation of providing their guests with memorable experiences and are highly regarded within their industry for their creative vision and corporate team building ability.

Landmark Hospitality specializes in perfecting the art of fine dining, weddings, corporate events, and catering as well as off-site events which include a host of exotic, international locations available through our newest division, Landmark Destination Weddings.

Landmark Hospitality owns and manages unique and elegant restaurants and event venues including:

Our locations reflect our commitment to providing unique settings, all of which share the common thread of creating pleasurable and memorable events as well as fine dining experiences for our valued guests.

Previous operations include:

  • The Boathouse inside Central Park, NY
  • American Park at the Battery in NY
  • Lundy’s in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, NY
  • Celebrate at Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY

Frank, a seasoned real estate developer, works very closely with his wife, Jeanne, pertaining to Landmark Hospitality with his focus on strategic planning, marketing, brand recognition, construction and renovations.  Recently, Frank has been involved in the development of a proprietary software based call center for inbound reservations for all hospitality venues.

Frank has also been involved in the redevelopment and revitalization of the five block area known as the North Avenue Historic Train Station District in Plainfield, NJ.  With numerous historical buildings under renovation, Frank now has the opportunity to work with other restaurateurs as both tenants and co-workers.

Frank and Jeanne CretellaJeanne and Frank have always believed in committing themselves to the communities in which they conduct business.  With that said, Landmark’s corporate giving program, “Help Us Give” (H.U.G.) was established in 2001 and is dedicated to this cause.  Through H.U.G., Landmark Hospitality has hosted ongoing community events while aiding local organizations on an ongoing basis.  H.U.G.’s fundraising efforts include, hosting an event for victims of Hurricane Katrina, and NJ Sail, a program dedicated to teaching valuable skills to youth, as well as contributing to local charities on a monthly basis.  The efforts of H.U.G. have been recognized by American Express and the National Restaurant Association, and the Liberty House has been awarded the “Good Neighbor Award” for the State of New Jersey as well as the Governors Diamond Award on Tourism.

Jeanne was awarded the Gold Plate Award from the New Jersey Restaurant Association for outstanding service in the industry and community.  In house community events include: The Snowflake Awards which welcomes approximately 350 elementary school children each year to participate in a tree decorating contest allowing the three top schools to revive a cash donation to their art departments.

The Annual Spring Egg Hunt where, for an afternoon, local children have an opportunity to bake cookies, do arts and crafts, play games, and of course, have an egg hunt.  Free “Movies in the Park” on a thirty five foot jumbo screen and “Art in the Park” which encourages local artists to display their work in our Gardens. Frank is currently on the Board of the 200 Club, Hudson County, NJ as well as Saint Patrick’s and All Saints Schools, Jersey City, NJ.

Jeanne currently serves on the Boards of the Sandra and Glen Cunningham Foundation, Hudson County Community College Foundation Board and the New Jersey Restaurant Association.  She is a Member of Senator Cunningham’s Women’s Advisory Group (WAG) and active with the Regional Day School for Autistic Children in Jersey City.

In the past 70 years, only a few women have won the New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association’s (NJRHA) “Restaurateur of the Year” award. In 2018, Jeanne Cretella was added to that exclusive list.

Jeanne joined the American Cancer Society as a member of their Leadership Council as well as a partisan of the advisory group for Casa Belvedere, a newly established Italian Cultural Center in Staten Island.

Frank was recently nominated to the Executive Board of the Hudson County Alliance to End Homelessness, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to remediating homelessness throughout Hudson County, New Jersey.

Frank and Jeanne have been married for over twenty five years and have one daughter, Madeline.