Custom Food Programs

Our innovative culinary team has developed food programs that can be tailored to each client’s audience. Our extensive portfolio of programs includes a variety of tastes, flavors and techniques to energize the café experience and offer the unexpected. Crave is capable of bringing to you a café outside of the cookie-cutter mold and welcome your employees into their very own restaurant offering favorite comfort foods with a nutritious twist. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter menus, and have handcrafted a portfolio of ways to increase engagement with our partners. Our team will partner with yours to develop an agenda based on your company culture, values and priorities. Our marketing, operation, and design teams work with the on-site team to develop ideas that will improve your employee experience at work. Every day we offer clean dining options for you and your faculty. We provide options for health conscious, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and keto. We welcome new trends and clean eating alternatives, as our chefs are always interested in finding new ways to create delicious meals. We pride ourselves on using foods with no hormones, GMO’s, and pesticides. We believe in following an organic lifestyle.