Farm to Table

Locally sourced, responsibly handled

The mantra captures the identity of our cuisine as a company. Cooking from the heart begins outside the kitchen, and the Garden State’s farms – including Landmark’s own – play a key role in inspiring our culinary teams’ cuisine.

The Ryland Inn proudly maintains a large garden on their property and Stone House at Stirling Ridge is proud to have the Dancing Goat Farm on theirs.

Our vision of agriculture also includes a Hydroponic farm. Hydroponic farming is a modern approach that can successfully expand the harvest into the winter months. Of all the great amenities we offers, local herbs and lettuce in the winter may top the list.

We raise over 300 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, most of which are propagated from seed in the greenhouse. There are annuals like Basil, Biennials like artichokes and Perennials like asparagus and rhubarb.

The garden is maintained solely by restaurant employees which builds a deeper appreciation for the ingredient and helps develop a different valuation system for high quality produce. Usually the work is done from 6am to 11am, but we have been known to be working in the greenhouse after a busy dinner shift until 1 or 2am.

Everything that we raise is meant to be served at a Landmark location.